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Photo by Marin Puskaric
  • quantitative social sciences
  • behavioural economics
  • experimental finance
  • economic psychology
  • complex decision making
  • risk & resilience
  • cognitive modelling

I am a senior researcher at the ETH Zurcich and an affiliate of the ETH Risk Center. Within the Chair of Cognitive Science, I lead research, teaching and outreach activities of our chair devoted to Behavioral Finance and Beahavioral Economics. In my research, I investigate financial and risky decision making, risk assessment, behavioural and cognitive underpinnings of market bubbles and crashes and bounded rationality of investors and human interaction with new technologies. I have a formal training in Cognitive Science, including psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computational linguistics, AI and statistical and empirical methods. I completed my Bachelor degree a the University College Utrecht and a Master's degree at the University of Edinburgh, Informatics Department. I received my Doctorate from the University of Basel, Center for Economic Psychology. Before joinung the Chair of Cognitive Science, I worked as a post-doctoral reseracher at the Chair of Decision Theory and Behavioral Game Theory and at the Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks. I have also worked for the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen and in the Financial Modelling team of SCOR re-insurance company. I closely work with various industry partners in the (re)insurance, banking, FinTech, pharma and regulatory sectors. Together with the Chair of Cognitive Science, I offer consulting, collaboration and ecucational serviced to industry partners.