Project in Behavioural Finance, ETH Zurich
I designed and give every semester this hands-on seminar that provides an overview of all aspects of decision making and risk taking with a strong focus on finance and investment decisions. The objective of the course is to learn and improve presenting and critical thinking skills. By conducting a practical behavioral research proect in collaboration with an industry partner, students acquire usefull skills of designing and conducting behavioral studies. The course is open to Bachelor, Master and PhD students in technical and management areas.

Understanding Human Behavior - Research and Business Insights, ETH Zurich
This executive education course is designed for the students of the Master of Advanced Studies at ETH Zurich. The course objective is to provide a crash-course of behavioral economis and decision science with a particular focus on aspcects particularly important in business and international companies. The aim of the course is to apply theoretical knowledge obtained during the classes at ETH in practical business cases stemming from ETH industry partners.

Heuristics and Decisin Making, ETH Zurich
Within a 2-semester long continuing education Certificate of Advanced Studies offered at the Department of Environmental and Systems Science at ETH Zurich, I give an interatcive lecture, which gives and overview of core topics in decision science. This module is accompanies by exercises, examples of biases and effects in individual and group decision making in complex environments under risk and uncertainty.

Master Seminar in Economic Psychology, University of Basel
This 3-semester course prepares students for conducting and writing a Master thesis in Economic Psychology. The interactive small seminar focuses on developing research methods in economic psychology and experimental finance.

Empirical Project Seminar, University of Basel
This mandatory 2-semester course for Bachelor students in psychology provides the introduction to conducting empirical research in psychology and behavioral sciences. The course focuses on study design, laboratory experimentation, application of appropriate statistical methods and addhering to ethical rules in empirical research of human behavior. Students are divided into groups of four to jointly conduct their first psychological experiment and present their results on a scientific conference.