Research Seminar in Behavioural Finance, ETH Zurich (2017)
In this seminar, students study cognitive processes, behaviour and the underlying biological response to financial decisions. Research methods such as asset market experiments, lottery games, risk preference assessment, psychometrics, neuroimaging and psychophysiology of decision processes are discussed. Financial bubbles and crashes, biases and risk taking are the core interest. During the semester, students practice giving short paper presentations which are followed by a critical discussion. To pass the course, students conduct a small study on their own, present it in a form of a scientific presentation and summarise the study in a form of a written report.

Master Seminar in Economic Psychology, University of Basel (2015-2017)
Supervision of master students in developing their research project for master thesis.

Coordination of Empirical Project Seminar, University of Basel (2015-2016)
Re-structuring and organization of the course, administrative work and supervision of twelve teachers of the course.

Empirical Project Seminar, University of Basel (2010-2013)
The objective of the course is to teach students to do literature search, plan an empirical behavioral study, collect data, do statistical analysis, write the results in a form of a report and present the project on a scientific conference.